Family: Chart

Dot Chart

Control Chart


Lollipop Chart

Spiral Histogram

Bubble Timeline

Multi-level Pie Chart

Multiple Series 3D Bar Chart

Spiral Heat Map

Win-loss Sparkline

Column Sparkline

Marimekko Chart

Renko Chart

Pictorial Bar Chart

Pie Chart on a Map

Bar Chart on a Map

Proportional Area Chart (Icon)

Icon and Number

Circular Heat Map

Scaled Timeline

Curved Bar Chart

Non-ribbon Chord Diagram

Waffle Chart

Stacked Ordered Area Chart

Butterfly Chart

Bump Chart

Bar Chart (Horizontal)

Clustered Force Layout

Triangle Bar Chart

Proportional Area Chart (Half Circle)

Slope Chart

Stacked Area Chart

Radial Histogram

Icicle Diagram

Bubble Map

Hanging Rootogram

Sorted Stream Graph

Column Range

Semi Circle Donut Chart

Candlestick Chart

Stream Graph

Packed Circle Chart

Chord Diagram

Span Chart

Parallel Coordinates

Word Cloud

Funnel Chart

Polar Chart

Parallel Sets

Compound Bubble and Pie Chart

Radial Bar Chart

Nested Proportional Area Chart

Table Chart

Pictorial Stacked Chart

Pictorial Percentage Chart

Bullet Graph

Multi-level Donut Chart

Heat Map

Waterfall Chart

Pyramid Chart

Kagi Chart

Solid Gauge Chart

Angular Gauge

Range Area Chart

Polar Area Chart

Convex Treemap


Dot Plot

Pareto Chart

Radar Diagram

Sunburst Diagram

Bubble Chart

Tally Chart

Population Pyramid


Pictorial Unit Chart

Progress Bar

Pie Chart

Proportional Area Chart (Circle)

Pictorial Fraction Chart

Gantt Chart

Proportional Area Chart (Square)

Grouped Bar Chart

Stacked Bar Chart

Bar Chart (Vertical)

Donut Chart